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Saber: Anyone looking for a new site to help grow or experiment with? If anyone here is listed, click the link thenetworkrp.proboards.com If the jeffsolaris here is the same as on my forum, he can hopefully vouch for my site May 23, 2014 18:03:31 GMT -6
Magnus: And send me a message on AIM so I can add you back. Feb 1, 2014 0:10:27 GMT -6
Magnus: Hmm. Sure. You could narrate that scene with your first reply. I'll just start the topic off as normal for him until he sees the action. Feb 1, 2014 0:10:12 GMT -6 *
jeffsolaris: Think Magnus could witness him hunting down some rogue Reploids and sending them to the scrapheap? Feb 1, 2014 0:08:34 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Sure. Feb 1, 2014 0:08:21 GMT -6
Magnus: I'll be online for another hour or so. I can make a topic while I'm still on. Feb 1, 2014 0:08:11 GMT -6
Magnus: I can cook something up with Magnus, if you'd like. Feb 1, 2014 0:07:32 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Also Nick, added you on AIM. Feb 1, 2014 0:07:21 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Would either of you be up for a thread? Feb 1, 2014 0:06:39 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: PM sent.
Feb 1, 2014 0:05:17 GMT -6
Magnus: Best for me to be honest about our situation. Feb 1, 2014 0:03:31 GMT -6
Magnus: Aaand side note, I hope the crazy-low activity won't get to you here. Only Lambda and I are around at the moment, so not much will be going on here. Feb 1, 2014 0:03:22 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Okay, I'll send you the details including pic. Feb 1, 2014 0:02:05 GMT -6
Magnus: Later, yes. Once he's grown more. Though if you plan to do something like that later, you can send me a PM on the details. Feb 1, 2014 0:01:35 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Do you think I should later have him gain his own robotic soldiers? Jan 31, 2014 23:59:52 GMT -6
jeffsolaris: Cut it down to 20-30%. Jan 31, 2014 23:58:18 GMT -6
Magnus: It's your call. You can leave it there in his profile, but state it as an unlockable skill for later. Jan 31, 2014 23:56:46 GMT -6 *
jeffsolaris: I might do away with it till later. Jan 31, 2014 23:55:51 GMT -6
Magnus: If he keeps getting brutally damaged, that is. Jan 31, 2014 23:55:16 GMT -6
Magnus: Might be best to also limit Heart Fire as a one use-per topic thing as well. If he's in a tough spot, the regeneration would basically make everything easy mode for him. Jan 31, 2014 23:54:58 GMT -6
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